Registration for Euro Meet 2023 is open

Euro Meet 2023 Registration

How much does it cost?

Registration is $15 per car.

Why pre-register?

Due to Covid-19 we are not soliciting our robotics team high schoolers to help on-site, so we will only be taking online registrations again this year.  If you register at the last minute we won't be able to print out your window card.

How much are T-shirts?

T-shirts are $20.  If you are unable to attend the show, we will ship them to you.  We'll be placing the order for T-shirts on June 12th, so to ensure we have your size, order before then.

Will there be food available on-site?

A BBQ dinner will be provided this year by Van Galder Family Farms and consist of your choice of

How do I pre-register

Add a vehicle

Add T-shirts

Add BBQ Dinners

Finish up

Terms and Conditions

AKA the fine print

Please note COVID-19 restrictions

New York State now has no specific COVID-19 restrictions, only CDC restrictions apply.  

If you are sick, or have a fever, please stay home and get well.